Facilement réservée ou plus exubérante! 

Tout est dans la façon dont vous les portez.

Un groupe très original qui marie des textures et des matières très différentes dans des coupes qui mettront en valeur votre style selon votre humeur.

Notre jacquard extensible fond noir avec un motif de fleurs bleues argentées ou de fleurs rouges argentées s’agence très bien avec nos lainages unis et aussi avec notre bouclé dans les tons de rouge.

Finally the Holidays !

Always on the move !

Always cheerful !

For this summer clothes that make you want to live it up to enjoy every moment in life to live fully.

In this group we have designed for you summery pieces that will easily follow you from the city to the beach.

This small dress can be worn for a cocktail on a terrace as well as over a bathing suit.

Note: Actually you are behind the idea of this design when you asked us to cut for you an under dress that could eventually be worn as a beach dress over your bathing suit.

Mid length wrap around  dress.

Semi transparent multicolored abstract print silk and linen veil shirtdress extremely breathable does not crease like linen.

Soft with an impeccable fall this dress as a chic casual look.

For those of you who appreciate our linen and silk mix in these colors but in a shorter version here is one of our classic timeless pieces our shirtdress with a Peter Pan collar, a turn collar and an asymmetrical flounce at the bottom.It can be worn as is and will follow you everywhere.

These dresses are also available in a white viscose  and silk veil turquoise print.

Thursday June 20th

Come celebrate with us the summer solstice

Enjoy the sales

Refreshments will be served from 5 pm on

Our opening hours for the Saint Jean Baptiste long week-end will be :

Friday June  21st : 10h à 20h

Saturday June 22nd: 10h to 17h

Sunday June 23rd : 12 to17 h

Monday June 24 th: CLOSED

New This Season our « Shorts »

Neither to long or to short our shorts are elegant they are cut at the perfect length to enhance the beauty of your  legs.

These shorts were designed for the active woman who cares about being elegant and who want to enhance their femininity

A well assumed seductive look but as always chic and fashionable.

Peach, yellow and purple print viscose, high waist shorts with a zipper on the side and button tabs on each side, a wide leg with a box pleat in the front and a pocket in the back.

Box pleat

Waist band with button tab

Pocket in the back

Or in a dress version, slightly flared, with princess seams and a square neckline with yokes, short sleeves with box pleats in the middle.

Also available in a coton silk turquoise blue and red print.

A New Cut for this season.


Isabelle has designed  jean cut slacks with a button tab on the side of the leg, pockets in front and back, a mid height waist with belt loops and a semi flared straight leg.

Very easy to match with our wide selection of jackets ,tops, blouses, and bodices  our slacks are comfortable and easy to wear.

They are designed and made to be confortable in cool and in hot and humid weather.

They are mostly made of cotton and spandex.

Very colorful and handy  you’ll be wearing summery colors even if the temperatures are still on the cool side.

Isabelle has designed  jean cut slacks with a button tab on the side of the leg, pockets in front and back, a mid height waist with belt loops and a semi flared straight leg.

Our white slacks are made of a dense enough denim that they are not transparent but we still recommend you wear the appropriate underwear.

In the same cut we offer a very breathable semi glossy blue cotton and a very trendy glazed glossy fuchsia cotton that’s soft and comfortable.

Our antique rose with a light pink top stitch  with a two piece waistband and a straight leg is very elegant.

Antique rose is nevertheless very easy to match it is also more discreet and less sensitive to dust and dirt than a light pink.

This fabrics gives it a leathery look. It is dark enough to be worn with black and over three seasons.


Classic by its fabric and color these pencil slacks display a very feminine and original touch : a small flounce at the bottom

Ideal for work in either beige or marine blue.

Simple and elegant it remains unique.

These royal blue semi glossy cotton slacks are ideal for the weekend with a t-shirt or for work with a jacket. With a button tab on the side  a fine waist band and a back pocket they are straightforward  but still edgy.


As in these pictures these slacks can be worn with the cuff folded or not, for a more formal look.

With a classic cut and a bold print these black and white slacks are for those who are looking for a whimsical touch.

As for the flowered glossy cotton ones they are more dressy the ideal choice for an event.

Isabelle’s Dresses

Summer is approaching and so are the holidays !

A must have for summer and travelling.

Our new short white denim  jean jacket.

Also available flowery or blue.

Simple yet edgy.

Easy to wear over a dress or with slacks.

A fun very versatile  all around carry on jacket.

Garçonne or Elegant?

Garçonne or Elegant?

Why not:

Garçonne and Elegant !

To ask the question is to answer it.

Always goes everywhere, always very current and very urban this printed cotton elastane black and white, is carried easily every day.

Often we want to be more discreet … less flamboyant.

These comfortable pieces have a very trendy look.

They have all been designed to create numerous mix and match outfits.

For example:

The jacket can very well fit over the dress or with the pants

The blouse can be worn over a white cami for the office or over a fine underwear for an evening out

This exclusive bag will match all these outfits

This cream, red and peach silk jacquard jacket can be fastened for a formal event where elegance is a must.

Because of its softness it remains versatile

It can be worn on less formal occasions.

Opened with its belt loosely tied at the waist.

This jacket can be worn over the dress to create a ravishing dress suit or even with our jean cut slacks and the peach cami for a more casual relaxed look.

A blouse is also available in the same silk and will be a good match for our flowered or plain slacks for warmer days or even opened on our bohemian’s cami.

Elegant,Hedonistic or Bohemian: Smile !


This bad weather will not eternally be with us !

Are you ready for spring ?

There will always be a summer.


We have in store for you a wide range of light dresses all hand made here in our workshop.

We fight gloom with color.


Our clothes transcend seasons …years..

Our cuts resist the test of time.

A dress bought for one special occasion can be worn on many  others.

Short, long, half length, in silk, linen or cotton for all events.

Make your life easy a dress can be worn alone.

Slip into a dress and pair of sandals and you’re ready for the beach or …the ballroom.


When buying our clothes you contribute to develop our local economy by sustaining the jobs of skillful artisans.

Our concern with quality extends from the thread we use to the traceability of our fabrics which we import ourselves.

In general clothes that are more expensive last longer therefore more environment friendly.

This Spring : Bohemian or Elegant ?

This Spring :

Are you Bohemian or Elegant ?

Colorfully  Bohemian

Or Elegantly cut.

This jacket is a must have key piece of a spring wardrobe. With its princess line and no overlap it can be worn for a diner engagement.

Made with a cream and pastel tones Italian wool and cotton bouclé it can also be worn in an informal way for an Easter brunch with the  family.

It will be a good fit with a dress or a pair of slacks.

Highly versatile and practical it’s a sound investment.

A must !

A key piece that will enhance any other garment you will wear with it.

It will go everywhere with you on weekends with a pair of jeans or at the office with a dress or slacks.

Sleeveless multicolored viscose veal floral shirtdress with seams at the waist.

It can also be fitted at the waist with a decorative belt with two fine loops.The belt can de tied at the front or back.

Easy to wear it is fun and feminine.

Ideal for hot humid summer weather

Not lined and almost non-wrinkle It travels well 

This white with red flowers silk scarf can be worn around the neck, in your hair, as a belt or simply over the shoulders.

Available here:

Semi fitted poker dot cream and antique rose silk charmeuse blouse 3/4 slit sleeves and a round collar:

Worn easily under the jacket it has no collar

Mixes easily because of its faded color

Antique rose stretch glossy cotton pencil pants with a double waist band and invisible zipper at the hip.

Pants in an unusual fabric: this cotton has a glazed finish that gives it a look that’s both audacious and chic.

Overstitched, with a classical cut with cutouts at the waist and a zipper, it will fit and benefit your shape.

This season dare mix and match styles and fabrics

This season dare mix and match styles and fabrics

Our Garçonne and Hedonist : the ideal travel companions.

Festive, light and colorful as Barcelona



These outfits are made with exclusive fabrics such as silk muslins chiffons and veils.

  • As they are light and non wrinkling they are Ideal for travelling

  • In spite of its softness and lightness the silk fiber remains very resistant.

  • Silk is breathable it doesn’t retain heat, it is ideal for hot and humid weather.

The red and black roses dress can be worn with a vest a black jacket or simply with a light pink linen blouse.When traveling we love to be able to create different mix and matches with our outfits as to create a number of different looks without having to bring to many clothes.


The dark marine blue stretch viscose and cotton pants of the hedonist will be a good match with the marine and white silk chiffon blouse of the garçonne and vice versa.

As well as the white silk blouse of the hedonist with its marine and blue print can be matched with the stretch blue glazed cotton slacks of the garçonne.

Numerous mix and matches are possible between these two groups.

The print blouse of the hedonist can also be worn with the dress and both pair of slacks.

Versatile clothes are ideal for traveling as these two simple line A dresses as they can be worn both casually or formally. You simply need to accessorize them according to your event.

The marine and blue print dress can be matched with white ,light blue or marine.

The blue pique cotton slacks of the garçonne can be worn like on the picture for a sportier look with the cuff folded or unfolded for a more discreet look.

The presence of spandex in both pants makes them confortable even when you must remain seated for long hours on a plane or in a car.

Combined with our cut the spandex helps the fiber take easily  back its shape which reduces the amount  of crinkling at the knees and seat.

Very trendy these slacks will look great with colorful tops, eccentric or simple.