Easily reserved or more exuberant

Everything is in the way you wear them!

A very original group that combines textures and very different materials in cuts that will enhance your style according to your mood.

Our stretch black background jacquard with a pattern of silvery blue flowers or silvery red flowers matches very well with our plain woolens and also with our bouclé in shades of red.

Floral stretch jacquard

  • Properties: durable, resistant flexible stretching and comfortable,
  • Composition: cotton, polyamide, polyester and spandex
  • Advantages :
    • Black slimming background
    • Versatile
    • dressed
    • Less expensive

Turquoise stretch woolen:

  • Properties: durable, warm, thermoregulating, breathable, confortable
  • Composition: wool and spandex
  • Advantages :
    • simple
    • Everyday
    • essential

Cotton, wool and polyester bouclé:

  • Properties: durable, warm, breathable, confortable
  • composition: polyester, cotton, wool, alpaca and acrylic
  • Advantages :
    • Everyday
    • Comfortable
    • Dressy or casual

All these pieces mix and match easily to multiply the outfits while respecting your budget. They are also manufactured locally in our workshops and made by our artisans from fabrics whose origins we know.

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