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A collection with Scottish overtones.

The autumn of 2019 is launched with its array of colorful notes.
Notes that will echo the satisfaction of your desires for elegance and fantasy as well as your practical needs.
Isabelle has imagined for you a collection composed of very varied pieces which allow infinite possibilities of mixes and matches.
With her more discreet notes and most daring Isabelle has imagined a true autumnal symphony.
She has designed for you very trendy original cuts always comfortable with subtle details of confection.
The collection was created based on an always advantageous mix of styles and genres, a more dressy piece will easily pair  with a more casual piece to let you create your own style.
Mixes that are less homogeneous often lead to unsuspected harmony.
Create your own chords as the season unfolds and changes in temperature occur while making eco responsible choices by encouraging a local economy that produces sustainable clothing made here from fabrics whose origins we know.
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