This season dare mix and match styles and fabrics

This season dare mix and match styles and fabrics

Our Garçonne and Hedonist : the ideal travel companions.

Festive, light and colorful as Barcelona



These outfits are made with exclusive fabrics such as silk muslins chiffons and veils.

  • As they are light and non wrinkling they are Ideal for travelling

  • In spite of its softness and lightness the silk fiber remains very resistant.

  • Silk is breathable it doesn’t retain heat, it is ideal for hot and humid weather.

The red and black roses dress can be worn with a vest a black jacket or simply with a light pink linen blouse.When traveling we love to be able to create different mix and matches with our outfits as to create a number of different looks without having to bring to many clothes.


The dark marine blue stretch viscose and cotton pants of the hedonist will be a good match with the marine and white silk chiffon blouse of the garçonne and vice versa.

As well as the white silk blouse of the hedonist with its marine and blue print can be matched with the stretch blue glazed cotton slacks of the garçonne.

Numerous mix and matches are possible between these two groups.

The print blouse of the hedonist can also be worn with the dress and both pair of slacks.

Versatile clothes are ideal for traveling as these two simple line A dresses as they can be worn both casually or formally. You simply need to accessorize them according to your event.

The marine and blue print dress can be matched with white ,light blue or marine.

The blue pique cotton slacks of the garçonne can be worn like on the picture for a sportier look with the cuff folded or unfolded for a more discreet look.

The presence of spandex in both pants makes them confortable even when you must remain seated for long hours on a plane or in a car.

Combined with our cut the spandex helps the fiber take easily  back its shape which reduces the amount  of crinkling at the knees and seat.

Very trendy these slacks will look great with colorful tops, eccentric or simple.