In March 2002, Isabelle Élie opened the doors of her workshop-boutique on avenue Laurier Ouest, in Outremont, Quebec.


A visionary in a world then turned to globalization, Isabelle Élie lays the foundations for a family business of local design and manufacturing that still has a well  established storefront.

Because she refuses any compromise in tailoring or aesthetics.

Her business plan is simple, she devotes all her efforts to developing cuts and assembly techniques that have only one goal: to combine elegance with comfort to create an authentic high-end garment for her customers.

Isabelle interprets the main trends of current fashion in her own personal way. Trained in art and haute couture, she pays particular attention to detail and finish.

Her collections are designed to challenge the seasons and transcend fleeting fashions.

In her workshop she surrounds herself with the most competent little hands and calls on the best weavers in the world, which makes her clothes high-end, exclusive and timeless pieces.

A personalized styling service is provided by her daughter, Madeleine Voizard, also a fashion designer.

All adjustments are included and made in our workshops by the same craftswomen who assembled your garment.

Isabelle also offers tailor-made clothing, with exclusive attention to all your occasions, big or small!