For 18 years, Isabelle Elie’s collections have been entirely designed, designed and manufactured in our Outremont workshops on Laurier Avenue West.

They are designed to challenge the seasons and transcend transient fashions.

Because we reject any aesthetic compromise, we use the best weavers in the world, which makes our garments high-end, exclusive, and timeless pieces.

In addition to a custom styling service and complete adjustment, Isabelle Élie also offers tailor-made clothing, with exclusive attention to all your occasions, big or small!


“I like fluidity, I love movement, I like the contrast.

I like the fluidity of my skirts juxtaposed with the more structured side of my jackets.

A garment must be as beautiful in motion as when it is fixed.

Like the sculptor my first inspiration remains and will remain the subject …. So the fabric.

It is from this encounter with the fabric that my cuts are born.

All my cuts go in the direction of the fabric he is my guide.

The result is a comfortable garment that follows the line of the body of the woman wearing it.

I spend a lot of time looking for fabrics that will make me move.

Women are always looking to stand out from their surroundings without being too extravagant.

That’s why I offer them colors and small finishing details to find a certain originality that they cannot find in a more monochromatic market. “


The four Looks of Spring 2019