« Twelve years ago, I founded Atelier Boutique Isabelle Élie inc. with a seamstress.  We now have 12 full-time employees. Like all Quebec designers, we have gone through several phases of development.  But as always, we continue to produce all our items in our own workshops — from suits and accessories to cocktail and evening dresses.  Concurrently, we sold our high-end products exclusively in our own boutiques, which allowed me to establish a direct relationship with clients. Thanks to this special relationship, I was privy to my clients’ comments, which in turn made it possible for me to adapt to their requirements and the realities of the market with products that embody contemporary design, flawless cuts and seamless production. I love fluidity. I love movement. I love contrast. I love the fluidity of my skirts combined with the more structured look of my jackets.  A piece of clothing must be as attractive in motion as it is at rest. Much like a sculptor, my first inspiration has, and will always be the material…that is, the fabric.  It is this encounter with the fibre that gives rise to my cuts. All my cuts flow in the direction of the fabric, which is my guide. The result is a comfortable piece of clothing that hugs the body of the woman wearing it. I therefore spend a great deal of time searching for fabrics that excite me. Women always seek to stand out without being overly extravagant. That is why I offer them colour and details that provide a note of originality they do not find in a rather monochromatic world market.


For over 15 years Atelier Boutique Isabelle Élie has been offering a very feminine and original prêt-à-porter Collection as well as fashion forward tailor made apparel


Located in the heart of Outremont, at 1073 Laurier Avenue West l’Atelier Boutique Isabelle Élie is a creative laboratory, a sewing workshop and a privileged meeting point between the designer and her clients.

There Isabelle meets advises and if need be custom makes pieces from her Collection.

Acting on her clients’ desires she can design a unique made to measure piece for those who wish to stand out at a special event in their lives.

She will draw a unique piece and create a pattern that her seamstresses will make with the utmost precision and care.


  • appointement

  • Choose the fabric and the patern

  • fabrication

  • fitting



Isabelle Élie is proud to announce a new personalized at home styling  service.

Our in house stylist  Madeleine Voizard  graduated  in fashion design at UQAM. She has been for many years  assisting Isabelle Élie  in creating her collections and has also worked as a stylist in the boutique. She has the ability to pass on her passion for fashion as well as her knowhow.

This service will provide you with advice on how to complete  and reorganize with elegance and style  your Isabelle Élie wardrobe . Our stylist will help you match your different outfits according to your needs and desires.

Whether it be for a business or leisure trip, she will help you prepare your wardrobe and pack your suitcases with a minimum of pieces and  create a maximum of different looks.

She will analyze your wardrobe. If need be she will adjust  Isabelle Élie pieces from older collections to give them a second life.

She will advise and help you make the best choices for your next purchases. She will even shop for you all the necessary accessories jewelry hosiery or shoes as to complete your Isabelle Élie look.

She will help you enhance your beauty

Madeleine Voizard
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